【Best 10 stocks/shares】Japanese companies with high yield dividends paying in May 

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I summarized top 10 best stocks of Japanese companies with high dividend yield whose ex-dividend date will be in May 2023. The information is based on each securities companies. The stock info is based on April 12th. The investment amount is set up by 100 stock. The dividend yield below is the annual total. For the latest information, please check the market info in the website of securities companies.


Riberesute Corporation (8887.T)  

Riberesute Corporation engages in the real estate and construction businesses in Japan. The company develops and sells condominiums, residential lots, and business properties; constructs general housing, commercial facilities, and business facilities; provides real estate brokerage and rental management services; and undertakes framework works. It also engages in the building renovation.

【Investment amount】80,200 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】40 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】5.01%

【Ex-Dividend Date】May 30, 2023

Tama Home Co., Ltd. (1419.T)

Tama Home Co., Ltd. engages in the construction, architectural design, real estate, and insurance agency businesses in Japan. The company operates through Housing, Real Estate, Financial, and Energy segments. The Housing segment constructs custom-built homes. The Real Estate segment sells residential lots and detached homes. The Financial segment offers insurance agency services for fire and earthquake. The Energy segment administers and manages solar generation facilities.

【Investment amount】347,500 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】170 JPY for May 2023 

【Forward Dividend Yield】7.23%

【Ex-Dividend Date】May 30, 2023

Mitachi Co., Ltd. (3321.T) 

Mitachi Co., Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, operates as an electronics trading company in Japan and internationally. The company sells electronics devices, such as semiconductors, LCDs, etc., as well as electronics components and motors for car electronics, amusement equipment, industrial equipment, consumer equipment, communication equipment, and other industries. It also manufactures and sells electronic devices and modules; and sells assembly equipment for SMT lines, inspection systems.

【Investment amount】132,400 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】55 JPY (According to the HP)

【Forward Dividend Yield】4.97%

【Ex-Dividend Date】May 30, 2023

First-corporation Inc. (1430.T) 

First-corporation Inc. operates as a general construction company in Japan. It constructs condominiums.

【Investment amount】92,000 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】35 JPY (According to the HP)

【Forward Dividend Yield】4.91 %

【Ex-Dividend Date】May 30, 2023

Satori Electric Co., Ltd. (7420.T) 

Satori Electric Co., Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, distributes electronic components and equipment in Japan and internationally. The company offers semiconductors, electrical parts and materials, control components, and factory automation and systems; and IoT and embedded solutions, as well as contract services. It is also involved in the development and production of information control systems and switching.

【Investment amount】166,500 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】62 JPY (44 JPY for May 2023)

【Forward Dividend Yield】3.78%

【Ex-Dividend Date】May 30, 2023

JDC Corporation (1887.T)

JDC Corporation provides civil engineering and building construction works in Japan and internationally. It researches and develops electrical power, transportation, ports and harbors, afforestation, flood control, irrigation, land reclamation, underground resources, and other development of national land. The company also manufactures and sells construction materials, stone materials, chemical products, etc. Further, the company is involved in the generation and supply of electricity, heat, soil and water remediation in rivers, lakes, and bays.

【Investment amount】62,100  JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】26 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】4.28%

【Ex-Dividend Date】May 30, 2023

Bewith, Inc. (9216.T) 

Bewith, Inc. provides contact centers and BPO services utilizing digital technologies in Japan. It is also involved in developing and selling AI and DX solutions. The company was incorporated in 2000 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Bewith, Inc. is a subsidiary of Pasona Group Inc.

【Investment amount】155,700 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】49 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】3.01%

【Ex-Dividend Date】May 30, 2023

Japan Process Development Co., Ltd. (9651.T) 

Japan Process Development Co., Ltd. provides system integration and software development services in Japan. The company develops control systems, such as power plant monitoring and control, automated power distribution, bullet and local train traffic control, and transport management systems, as well as training simulators for power plant operators. It is also involved in the provision of embedded systems consisting of solid-state drives, IoT construction machines, and medical equipment; and rail ticket vending and station ticket counter machines, weather radars, and IoT security and image classification systems, as well as construction of private cloud environments.

【Investment amount】98,000 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】33 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】3.52%

【Ex-Dividend Date】May 30, 2023

Mainichi Comnet Co., Ltd. (8908.T) 

Mainichi Comnet Co., Ltd. engages in the real estate business in Japan. The company is involved in the planning, design, and development of real estate; property management of student apartments and university dormitories; real estate brokerage and consulting; production of advertisements for recruitment of real estate tenants. It also plans and arranges training camps and trips; plans and operates various sports programs; holds employment seminars; supports for job hunting; and recruits driving school employees.

【Investment amount】81,500 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】28 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】3.45%

【Ex-Dividend Date】May 30, 2023

ERI Holdings Co., Ltd. (6083.T) 

ERI Holdings Co., Ltd. provides building confirmation and inspection services in Japan. It also provides housing performance evaluation services; and other services related to building and housing safety and evaluation. In addition, the company offers various solutions, such as assessment of compliance with the building standard law service. It offers its services to construction contractors, house builders, architectural firms, local government, and insurance companies.

【Investment amount】157,100 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】50 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】3.34%

【Ex-Dividend Date】May 30, 2023



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