iPhone tips and tricks in 2023 【How to clear storage】for new users.

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Nowadays, technology has been advancing in both hardware and software. Do you take advantage of those technologies for your daily life? I’d like to introduce some iPhone tips and tricks for new users in an easy-to-understand way. This time, it’s about how to clear storage.


Why is it necessary to clear storage on the iPhone?

iPhone is a very convenient tool to search for something we want to know, to take photos with family and friends for lovely memories. However, if we keep using the iPhone, the storage will be full sooner or later. At the end, you’ll receive the warning message, “Your iPhone storage is full.” What should we do when the storage has no space any more.

Go “Setting” ⇒ “General” ⇒ “iPhone storage”, then check the current storage condition. If you understand which one is a burden for the storage usage, you can take action immediately. However, if you have no idea, try below 3 actions.

Clear browser cache.

Go “Setting” ⇒ “General” ⇒ “iPhone storage”, then search “Safari”.

Tap “Web data”, then scroll down to the bottom. Tap “Remove All Website Data”.

Then, the cache is cleared. Cache is like a ready-to-use tool in a cottage. You need to clean up, sometimes.

Delete unnecessary/unused apps.

Remove unused apps from Home Screen. If you don’t use them anymore, delete them completely.

Tap unused app longer ⇒ tap “Remove App” ⇒tap “Remove from Home Screen”

Clean up photos

Too many photos and movies use lots of storage. You certainly deleted photos. But those photos will be kept for about one month in a rubbish box temporarily. After that, those photos will be deleted permanently. This system is positive if you accidentally deleted an important one or if you changed your mind. However, if you want to clean your storage on your iPhone, you need to delete it completely.

 Go “Photos” ⇒ Album ⇒ Scroll down to the bottom. ⇒ Tap “Recently Deleted” ⇒ Choose photos and delete.


  • If your iPhone storage is full, clear browser cache, remove app from home screen,  completely delete photos in trash box 

In this website, I introduce iPhone tips and tricks for new users in an easy-to-understand way. Some techniques might be available for other gadgets and PCs as well. Let’s learn together and improve technology skills.



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