【Best 10 stocks/shares】Japanese companies with high yield dividends paying in April 

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I summarized top 10 best stocks/shares of Japanese companies with high dividend yield whose ex-dividend date will be in April 2023. The information is based on each securities companies. The stock info is based on April 10th. The investment amount is set up by 100 stock. The dividend yield below is the annual total. For the latest information, please check the market info in the website of securities companies.


Novac Co., Ltd.(5079.T)

Novac Co., Ltd. engages in the civil engineering and construction business in Japan. It also maintains and repairs public facilities, tenant buildings, condominiums. In addition, the company is involved in the design and construction supervision of buildings; and undertakes landscaping and greening business contracts.

【Investment amount】271,100 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】119 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】4.39%

【Ex-Dividend Date】Apr 27, 2023

Nadex Co., Ltd.(7435.T)

Nadex Co., Ltd. engages in the development, manufacture, sale, and installation of welding equipment in Japan and internationally. It also offers factory automation equipment, such as automatic/labor-saving car parts manufacturing facilities; electronics-related production, inspection and measurement, molding, and cleaning equipment; resistance, arc, laser, plasma, and other welding equipment; and industrial robots, logistics systems, and others. In addition, the company provides electronic control equipment, such as electronics, control components/equipment, power supply modules, factory automation systems, eco-friendly/energy-saving products, and assemblage/processing products; and IT solutions.

【Investment amount】106,100 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】47 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】4.47%

【Ex-Dividend Date】Apr 27, 2023

Kakiyasu Honten Co., Ltd.(2294.T)

Kakiyasu Honten Co., Ltd., a food company, produces and sells prepared food products in Japan. The company offers dressed meat, such as beef, pork, and chicken under the Kakiyasugyu and Premium Agu brand names; western and Chinese style delicatessen; Japanese confectioneries, including Ohagi, Dango, and Daifuku through a network of 150 stores; and processed food products. It also operates buffet style restaurants serving Japanese, Chinese, or western cuisine.

【Investment amount】228,900 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】80 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】3.50%

【Ex-Dividend Date】Apr 27, 2023

Daisan Co., Ltd.(4750.T)

Daisan Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures, assembles, and sells scaffolding equipment for temporary construction and other related services in Japan. It also provides setting up and removing services for wedge lock scaffolding equipment; and accepts customized and special product specification orders from clients.

【Investment amount】59,500 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】21 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】3.51%

【Ex-Dividend Date】Apr 19, 2023

Toshin Holdings Co.,Ltd(9444.T)

Toshin Holdings Co.,Ltd. engages in the mobile communication related business in Japan. It is involved in the mobile shop operation and sales, agency sales, shop management consignment, and corporate sales, real estate, and resort businesses. The company also acquires, develops, manages, and rents condominiums and office buildings. In addition, it engages in the golf course management; selling drinking water; managing and renting conference rooms; selling OA equipment and air conditioners; and managing golfs shops.

【Investment amount】65,700 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】20 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】3.04%

【Ex-Dividend Date】Apr 27, 2023

AZEARTH Corporation(3161.T)

AZEARTH Corporation manufactures and sells chemical protective garments and environmental equipment in Japan and internationally. It provides polystyrene foam for tatami matting and flooring, insulation boards, threads, edges, and machines, as well as other types of tatami materials. The company also engages in the laying and construction work on the section that lies beneath tatami. In addition, it offers garment materials, such as inner linings, interlining clothes, pocket clothes, and quarter lining belts; and other textile materials.

【Investment amount】69,000 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】41.5 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】6.02%

【Ex-Dividend Date】Apr 27, 2023

Token Corporation(1766.T)

Token Corporation operates as a construction company in Japan. It is involved in the rental of apartments, condominiums, and retail outlets; and construction of general and commercial lease properties. The company also provides tenant recruitment and property management services, as well as advertising services.

【Investment amount】796,000 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】252 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】3.17%

【Ex-Dividend Date】Apr 27, 2023

Nitto Seimo Co., Ltd.(3524.T)

Nitto Seimo Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells knotless nets for fishery and onshore uses in Japan. The company provides trap nets, purse seine nets, fish farming nets, trawl nets, and laver cultivation nets; onshore-related products, including animal damage protection and ball protection nets; ropes; and Moji and knotted nets. It also offers hydraulic equipment; labor saving equipment for fishing operations and gear treatment; sherbet ice makers; and fishing equipment. In addition, the company imports and sells fishing materials, including floats and hardware for purse seine nets and nylon tire cords; onshore materials, such as stainless steel wires and polyethylene knotted nettings; and agricultural materials comprising binding. It also exports its fishing gears to various countries, including Asian countries, Chile, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, the United States, and Canada.

【Investment amount】154,800 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】98 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】6.34%

【Ex-Dividend Date】Apr 27, 2023

Toell Co.,Ltd. (3361.T)

Toell Co.,Ltd. engages in the production, wholesale, and retail of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Japan and internationally. The company also is involved in sales of propane gas and general high pressure gas, liquefied petroleum gas containers, and natural gas; Re-inspection of liquefied petroleum gas related equipment; telecommunication business, such as electricity retail business, internet connection service, etc.; general truck transportation, warehousing, and home service business; internet sales of daily necessities; production and sales of agricultural products; and operation of nursery schools for commissioned call center operations. In addition, it delivers spring water under the Alpina and Shinano Yusui names; and engages in the energy business/communication business comprising LP gas cogeneration system, gas heat pump, LP gas fuel cell, LP gas equipment for disasters, LP gas generators, solar power, and storage batteries.

【Investment amount】81,900 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】40 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】4.91%

【Ex-Dividend Date】Apr 27, 2023

MICS Chemical Co., Ltd. (7899.T)

MICS Chemical Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures, and sells functional laminated plastic films for vacuum food package, medical, and industrial applications in Japan. The company offers plastic multilayer and monolayer tube films. It also engages in the gravure printing and bag-making processing businesses; and the sale of other synthetic resin products.

【Investment amount】36,400 JPY

【Expected dividend yield per 1 stock・share】10 JPY

【Forward Dividend Yield】2.72%

【Ex-Dividend Date】Apr 27, 2023



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