Value of historical buildings. Why World Heritage is so important in society?

Culture and History

Europe has a long history of humankind, also has established itself as a modern area leading the world as a leader technologically democratically. They love old buildings and things with history. From historic towns, churches, libraries to house, the old things are worth more than the new ones. Through travelling and oversea life, I have seen various historical buildings and World Heritage. Mont Saint Michel, Angkor Wat, Great Wall, Amalfi Coast and more. Time goes by, it might be better to switch to new buildings in view point of budget and safety perspective. If you think so, why do we human beings try to protect and preserve old things to certify as World Heritage Sites? Today, I would like to tell the background and why it’s so important in our society.

Why historical buildings/World Heritage are so important?

Towns and buildings with a deep history are sometimes designated as World Heritage Sites. It is packed with the time, thoughts and history cultivated by humankind. Old buildings and the towns reflect the atmosphere, the culture and spirit of the land, which have been cultivated over time. World heritage presents to take it over to next generations and preserve it visually. Regardless of big or small, it also represents to buildings, scenery and even the small houses people have lived in for a long time.

Some people may think that historical record by documents is enough in our society. However, it cannot leave the atmosphere, the spirits dwelled people’s heart.  With the latest advanced technologies, it may be possible to create something new and similar. However, it is no longer what it used to be. There are many historical buildings in the world that cannot be made exactly the same.

Value of World Heritage

Some of them are still unknown what kind of technology was used to make them. For example, the Egyptian pyramids, the Nazca Lines, and the Moai in Easter Island. It is still unclear who built them, how they were built, and for what they were created. Those mysteries might be solved by future generations. Therefore, it is necessary to unconditionally protect it as a common property of the world (World Heritage) in our society.

Countries with a short history, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, have only 200 years history. Therefore, they may not have a deep attachment or affection for old things. However, except some modern cities, people in Asia and Europe, especially, respect and take pride in their history. Changing to new ones without sufficient reasons will remove pride of people living in the land. Therefore, it should not be changed easily.


  • Why World Heritage is so important in our society? Because, it reflects the atmosphere, culture and spirit of the land which have been cultivated over time.
  • Historical buildings are filled with the pride of the local people. To build a new one instead of the old ones, we need enough reason.

I have been taught since I was a child that we must cherish World heritage sites. If you’ve never wondered why you need to do that, it’s time to think about it. Visit World Heritage around the world. You will be able to feel special feelings carved by history beyond time.



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