How to react to criticism at work?

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Everyone has the experience of being criticized by someone and being furious completely. After being criticized, some people act quietly as if they have lost their whole power, others cool their head later and reflect on what they have in mind, or some others completely destroy the person who criticized them. What should we react? This time, I would like to look at how to deal with the situation when people are criticized.


Why people criticize you?

There are a lot of background and intentions about why people criticize you. Some people criticize harshly because they care about you and want you to realize what is important. Other people may criticize you in order to protect themselves because they feel that your existence or activities are unpleasant or problematic for them.

How to handle criticism?

Even if you are criticized, be yourself

Being criticized makes you depressed, hesitant, or loses the power of motivation. That is what they desire for you. Therefore, one of the countermeasures is not to follow their tricks. The most painful thing for them is not to get discouraged even if you are criticized, you act as usual. It makes them waste THEIR time/power.

The purpose of criticism is to incite the person’s anger. This is because anger can make it lose composure, make it impossible to make right decisions, and bring out the person’s failures. As you can see from the gossip of politicians and celebrities, the purpose of overreporting and looking for faults is to stimulate the self-esteem and ignite the anger. Therefore, you should understand that criticism is a kind of challenge to maintain your composure and not to fall to the opponent’s provocations.

Criticism is sources for growth

If you are criticized, you may feel rejected and your beliefs may be shaken. That is, the current yourself is not strong enough to reject the opponent’s criticism. This means that there are your weaknesses and shortcomings that you can be thrust into the opponent. For example, knowledge, experience, skills, personal connections, logical thinking, morality, ethics, etc. If you re-examine your own problems and perceive and improve it, you will become stronger. Remember, criticism is a source of growth.

Discourage your arrogance

Acceptance of criticism is a prerequisite for people with social status and power. There are many dogs around people with authority and money. They simply obey the claims and the intentions without against them. Some people are liked by greedy people and get promotion chance. Others are afraid of cutting the head off. There are very few people who criticize those people in order to discourage the arrogance.

However, true leaders accept blame properly. Unanimously agreeing in a meeting is clearly unnatural. In case of politics, it’s problem that the ruling party is too strong. It is said that power and money change people all over the world. Accepting and dealing with criticism is a prerequisite for leadership.


  • Even if you are criticized, be yourself.
  • Criticism is for growth yourself.
  • Criticism discourages arrogant heart, an essential requirement for a leader

The key point to dealing with criticism is staying calm. Some people exercise or meditate to cool their head overheated with anger. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.



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