Where to live in Sydney? Feature of each area and recommended safe area.

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One of the most important things is finding right area when you look for an apartment or a house in Sydney. The condition is different depend on person, such as close to work and school, good access to downtown, secure area for kids and near the beach. This time, I’d like to introduce each main urban area of where to live in Sydney.


Main areas of Sydney

Sydney CBD

It’s the center of Sydney, where you can walk to George Street and Circular Quay. There are many shared rooms with 3-4 people per room (Approximate rent AU$170/week). It’s good for people who have just arrived to Sydney or who work at a restaurant in CBD and come home late at night. There are many nightclubs and lively places at night, but the security is a little bad (because there are many drunker). Be careful when going out.

Western area


Although memories of the 1991 series of indiscriminate rifle shootings are still remembered in the western Sydney area. There are many reasonable Asian supermarket and restaurants, especially Korean restaurants. Generally, it’s said that the west area of ​​Sydney is an immigrant area, and the security tends to be bad overall. It is an area where you can live in a spacious house with a reasonable price.


A city with a Middle East atmosphere where many Turkish and Lebanese people live. The atmosphere of the city is exotic, but it tends to be unsafe, with complaints on the side of the road and a quarrelsome atmosphere. This is an area that you need to be very careful about when you live there.


Founded in 1788, Parramatta is the heart of western Sydney. Due to the large population and advanced multiculturalism, culture/value difference sometimes cause fights and conflicts. On the other hand, Parramatta citizens do not often go to the center of Sydney because the function is completed as one city. This area is recommended for those who want to live in quiet and calm atmosphere. Many immigrants live here.


There are several Asian towns in Sydney. Here Ashfield has many Chinese and Korean restaurants, and the overall price, including rent, is 20% reasonable more than the ones in the city. It is a student town, so it is recommended for students who want to study hard.

Central area


Since it’s close to Sydney Airport, it’s most densely populated areas in Sydney. It is good access to cities such as Newtown and Surry Hills, which are close to the centre of Sydney. Security is good.

New Town

It is a safe area with an artistic atmosphere. There are many nice restaurants, bars, general stores, etc. around the station. Rent is relatively reasonable, and the area is recommended for middle-income singles. The average market price is AU $300/week.

Surry Hills

It is a relatively reasonable area popular for especially students. The average market price is AU$250/week. It’s walkable distance to Sydney city area. It is also an area where many artists who study music and art live. It is recommended for those who want to live in a house with a stylish. Security is also good.

Northen area


Mosman is known as one of the most exclusive residential area in Sydney, what’s call, rich area. There are tourist attractions include Taronga Zoo and Hunter’s Bay. It is also an area where many French people live, and there are many fashionable cafes and restaurants that image Paris. It’s good access to go to Circular Quay by ferry. Security is pretty good.

North Sydney

North Sydney is located across the Sydney Harbor Bridge. As a business area, many business people who come from oversea live here with the family. This area is very quiet on weekend. The security is good. Currently, there are many Asian, especially Chinese and Korean people live in this area.

Cremorne/Newtral Bay

Cremorne and Neutral Bay, which are known as one of the most exclusive residential area in Sydney. You also can see many Japanese grocery stores and restaurants as well. What’s call, rich area. In this area, you sometimes see this type of advertisement, ‘’I bought a house, but one room is vacant, so I’m looking for a flatmate!’’ Security is extremely good.


Chatswood, known as a town where many Asians live. Here is convenient area to access to central Sydney by bus and popular area for young people. It is a recommended place for people who love tasty food, who go to a university or vocational school in the northern area. Security is relatively good.

Eastern area


Many people are fascinated by the sea and are thinking of moving to Sydney. Sydney is a heaven for marine sports lover. Many white Australians live here. What’s call, it’s rich area. Security is extremely good. This area is recommended for people who love surfing and other marine sports. The way to access to CBD is usually by bus or ferry.


It is a leading luxury residential areas in Sydney with beautiful beaches. Many people admire Bondi beach.  Bondi area includes Bondi Beach area and the Bondi Junction area. This is pretty rich area. It is a great place for people who love surfing. The crime rate is pretty low and security is good. This area is also famous for some foreigners.


There are some beautiful beaches from Bondi to Coogee, which are Bondi, Taramata, Bronte, and Cloverly and Coogee. They are the most popular beaches in Sydney. The rent is higher along the coastline. It is located in an upscale residential rich area. This area is recommended for those who wish to live with white Australians. It’s also pretty safe area. From Coogee to Bondi Beach, there is a wonderful walking course along the coastline. It is a superb view.


  • There are some main urban areas in Sydney, which is CBD, central area, north, western, eastern areas. Each area has the own feature.
  • The safest areas are the north, east, and central areas

When you look for a house in Sydney, safety area can be important for living. My recommendation of where to live in Sydney is Eastern suburb. The rent is a bit higher, but wonderful. I hope this information will help you to find a nice house/apartment.



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