Outlander season 7 ーRelease date and predicted storyー


The drama Outlander season 6 has been broadcasted all over the world, and expectations for Season 7 are already rising. How will the story go on? I would like to take a look at expected story and the latest situation about Season 7 based on the information that is published.


Season 7 ―predicted story and highlight―

Outlander Season 7 is currently in production and the plot has not been released yet anywhere including the United States. On the other hand, there are some reports and comment from the casting and relevant people of Outlander season 7, so we summarized the information.

Highlight ① William

William, Earl Ellesmere, joins the British Army and seems to play an active role in dealing with the intensifying colonial problem. William is the biological son of Jamie Fraser and Geneva Dunsany. (Refer to Season 3: Geneva Dunsany, a noble lady, begs Jamie to spend the night with her when he was a servant. At that time, she is blessed with William.)

William was raised by his adoptive parents, Load John Gray, and his wife Isobel Geneva who was Geneva’s sister. However, William does not know his real relationship to his adoptive parents or even to Jamie. Season 7 is expected to unfold the secret about this parent-child relationship. William is played by Charles Vandervaart.

Highlight ② Load John Grey

Season 7 will also see the return of Outlander fan favorite David Berry as Load John Gray. Load John Grey met Jamie in season 2 episode 9 for the first time. Load John Gray, who later became Jamie’s good friend and good understander, was the boy who hit behind Jamie, who was doing business during the camp. In Season 3, John, who has become a young man, will appear and will be appointed as the warden under Jamie, who is imprisoned in Ardsmuir Prison, and will help Jamie’s life.

Load John Grey, who is gay and has a crush on Jamie, remained good friends with Jamie and Claire and became the adoptive father of Jamie’s son William.  With his appearance, it is expected that in season 7 there will be some movement not only in William’s parent-child relationship, but also in his love life.

Highlight ③ Claire and Jamie

Something seems to happen to Jamie Fraser or Claire. So far, Claire and Jamie are exposed to different dangers each season. Actually, some casts in Outlander season7 posted on Twitter that Season 7 will be reminiscent of the 2013 broadcast. 2013 is the year that Season 1 started. It’s an unpredictable situation here, whether it’s going to be a plot about the romance of those days and the love that connects a man and a woman.

When will season 7 be released?

The release date of Outlander season 7 has not been clearly announced at this moment, however, some people expect that it might be in early 2023. The total episode will be 16.

About Outlander

Outlander is a romantic historical drama whose main character is a time traveller. The main character Claire, who lives in the 20th century, has gone back to the 18th century, leaving behind her beloved husband Frank. Claire met a man, Jamie, in the 18th century.

Is it a fateful love with Jamie, or is her loyalty to Frank tested? Based on the historical background of Scotland and England, the love between Claire and her two different time zone husbands, is depicted. The stage spreads from Scotland and England at the beginning of the series to France and America in later series. The original is a full-length novel written by Diana Gabaldon, which has sold over 25 million copies worldwide.


  • Outlander Season 7 Outlander will consist of total 16 episodes.
  • According to Twitter by the cast’s, Series 7 will be reminiscent of the 2013 broadcast.
  • In Season 7, Jamie’s son William and Load John Grey will appear.

Looking at some information about Outlander season 7, it seems to be quite exciting development. If you follow Katrina Balfe or Sam Heughan on Twitter, you get a little nuance. Don’t miss comment by Outlander producer as well. Imagining how it will unfold makes it even more fun.



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