【Novels Book Series】 Recap and review of Bridgerton family


Netflix’s popular drama, Bridgerton, is gaining in popularity due to the thrilling feeling of not being able to read the next development, the gorgeous costumes and the human relationships such as love and friendship woven by the characters. It is currently distributed up to season 2, but did you know that there are original novels book for this drama? There are some differences between the novels book and the drama, but the Bridgerton on Netflix, which is scheduled to continue to be expanded in series. What kind of development will it be in the future? This time, I would like to take a look at the brief plot  of each series of the Bridgerton in the original novels books.


What is Bridgerton ?

Bridgertons is a Netflix original drama. The story is that in early 19th-century UK London society, the eight children of the aristocratic Bridgerton family pursue love and happiness. The original is best-selling novels Bridgerton series written by Julia Quinn. In each series, one of eight children is the main characters, and there is total 8 series in Bridgerton.

Recap and review of the 8 novels book series

Series Book 1:  The Duke and I

Series book 1 is a story about Daphne, the eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family, and Duke Simon. It depicts the relationship between Daphne and her future husband, Simon. Daphne, who has been at a loss for aggressive suitors, meets Duke Simon, who has just returned from a long overseas life. Daphne, who is looking for a marriage partner, and Simon, who has no intention of getting married, hit it off as friends and come up with a scheme. What kind of ending will the scheme of the two have?

Series Book 2 : The Viscount Who Loved Me

Series book 2 is a story about Viscount Anthony, the eldest son of the Bridgerton family. He is thinking about marriage and looking for a partner because of his responsibility as the eldest son. Anthony does not seek love in marriage, and wants to marry Edwina, a beautiful, quiet and ideal partner suitable for the Viscountess. However, his sister, Kate, who wishes for a loving marriage and her sister’s happiness, is strongly opposed. Anthony, who was annoyed, eventually enjoys interacting with Kate. Who will Anthony choose as his wife?

 Note : From here onwards, as of Aug in 2022, the series has not been broadcast on Netflix. The original book was already published more than 15 years ago.

Series Book 3 : An Offer from a Gentleman

Series book 3 is a Cinderella story about Benedict, the second son of the Bridgerton family, and Sophie. They met at a masquerade ball, chatted for a while, danced awkwardly. Benedict didn’t know her name, and the only thing left in his hand was Sophie’s glove. Benedict cannot forget her. Sophie is bullied by her stepmother, kicked out of her house. Benedict meets again, but doesn’t immediately recognize Sophie due to poor appearance. The series 3 also depicts the love of her mother, Violet, who will support him if she wants to get married with her even if her social status is low.

Series Book 4 : Romancing Mister Bridgerton

Series book 4 is a story about Colin, who is the third sons of the Bridgerton family and Penelope, Eloise’s best friend. They are, what’s call, family friend. Colin is urged by his mother to ask him to dance with ladies every time, is encouraged to get married, is teased and disgusted. Penelope is madly in love with Colin, however, she doesn’t think it will be rewarded. It’s the love story of Penelope, who was said to be wall of the ball, and Colin, who is the flower of the social world.

Series Book 5 : To Sir Phillip, With Love

Series book 5 is a story about Eloise, the second daughter of the Bridgerton family, and Philip, a divorced botanist. After a year of correspondence from the condolence letter for the loss of his wife, they get married. It’s not a passionate romance, but it depicts two people who get to know each other in a natural way, through quarrels, children’s mischief, and the pain of losing someone important. With children who hunger love and a man who cannot overcome grief , Eloise changes it to positive way. She raises children lovingly and respectfully.

Series Book 6 : When He Was Wicked

Series book is a story about Francesca, the third daughter of the Bridgerton family with blue eyes, and Michael. Michael falls in love with his best friend and cousin’s wife, Francesca who is married in just a few days. Hiding his unrequited feelings, Michael flees to India to avoid being alone with her after his cousin’s death. Francesca lost her husband by illness and had a miscarriage. She decided to re-marry to have children. This series depicts from the reunion after four years to marriage at the end.

Series Book 7 : It’s In His Kiss

Series book 7 is a story about Hyacinth, the fourth daughters and the youngest of Bridgerton family, and Gareth. Hyacinth undertakes the translation of Gareth’s grandmother’s diary. They are getting closer. In particular, the search of the diamond has a mystery to solve. On the other hand, Gareth’s father is a terrible person, and she was shocked. Heart-warming conversation between mother and daughter is beautiful. Hyacinth understands how important and wonderful the love of the Bridgerton family’s parents is.

Series Book 8 : On the Way to the Wedding

Series book 8 is a story of Gregory, the fourth son of the Bridgerton family, and Lucy. He fells in love with the blond haired Hermione at first sight and tried to make her fall in love with him. However, failed despite following the advice of his best friend, Lucy. The time he spends with Lucy will become more enjoyable. Lucy has a fiancée and Gregory is in love with Lucy’s best friend. How will their love go?


  • There is total eight novels series of Bridgerton family.
  • Eight brothers and sisters find their own love and develop their lives.

In addition to the original 8 series book, there is a spin-off version, “Happily Ever After”. This is drawn about the love of Violet and her husband Edmond. In the novels book series of Bridgerton. It depends on the person which one is the best story, but if you are interested in the original ones, why not read it?



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