【Bridgerton Season 1】Episode1―Recap & Review― 


Season 2 of that blockbuster drama “Bridgerton” has started the distribution. Bridgerton is gaining popularity due to the thrilling feeling of not being able to expect the next development, the gorgeous costumes and the human relationships such as love and friendship woven by the characters. I would like to recap and review of Bridgerton Season 1. This time it’s about episode 1.


What is Bridgerton ?

Bridgertons is a Netflix original drama series. It’s set in early 19th-century UK London society. This is a drama about the eight children of the prestigious Bridgerton family, each of whom pursues love and happiness. The original is best-selling novel “Bridgerton series” written by Julia Quinn.

Various races and background cast are performed, modern element such as gorgeous costumes and settings are introduced while taking into account the historical background of the time. Season 1 was released in 2020 and became explosively popular. Season 2 was released in early 2022.

About Season 1

Bridgertons season 1 depicts the relationship between Daphne, the eldest daughter of the Bridgertons, who is trying to find her future husband, and Duke Simon. One night at a social party, Daphne meets Simon. She turns out that he is her brother’s friend and the Duke. As a high-ranking bachelor, Simon has become the center of attention for many young women and their mothers, but he is unwilling to do marry anyone.

Daphne comes up with the idea of pretending to be in a relationship with Simon in order to get the attention from single men around her. This is because that she can always be in a position to choose and act superior, while Simon keeps women away and is free by making people think that there is a certain woman around him. A rational idea based on the profit and loss of both sides. However, will it really work out that way? How are Daphne and Simon going?

Recap of Episode 1 in Season 1

In episode 1, the story begins with young women making their social debut and going to meet her Queen. Daphne, the eldest daughter of Bridgerton family, who is the main character of season 1, is complimented by her Majesty. The Queen identified that she is the diamond of this season. For Daphne, who is looking for her future husband, it was a great fortune to find an ideal husband for her.

Daphne’s father, who was the patriarch of the aristocratic Bridgerton family, is set to have already passed away. Daphne’s brother, Anthony, acts as the temporary patriarch. She fed up with her brother who works hard to find a suitable her husband and watches over always. In such a way, she meets the Duke of Hastings (Simon).

A duke is a high-ranking member of the nobility. The order of rank is descended from Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount to Baron. A duke is a family status close to royalty. For example, Prince William of UK is Duke of Cambridge, ex-Prince Harry was Duke of Sussex, and so on. Hastings (Simon’s house) is duke, and Bridgerton family is a viscount. Therefore, marriage with Simon will be a crown for Daphne.

In episode 1, Daphne and Simon meet at a social party. However, Daphne is not interested in Simon, and he is no different. It was bad first impression for both of them. Simon and Anthony are a long-term friend since childhood. Simon is a high-ranking bachelor, and has attracted many young women, but he has no interest in doing so.

One day, a man (Nigel), who is recommended by his brother Anthony, approached to Daphne and acted inappropriately, so Daphne attacked him. Simon accidentally saw the scene, then suggested her that they become a disguised couple. Daphne will be able to act in an advantageous position to choose the ideal man, while Simon will be able to keep women away and be free by making people think that there is a certain woman. Will this strategy work well? To be continued to episode 2.

  • Bridgerton season 1 depicts the love affair between eldest daughter Daphne and Duke Simon.
  • Recap of episode 1 is that Daphne and Simon meet and make a contract as a fake couple.


In episode 1 of Bridgerton Season1, it’s interesting to see the arrogant interaction between Daphne and Simon, who have no interest and no romantic atmosphere. Daphne is portrayed as a woman who try to find the right man, and Simon looks down on the women who flock to his position. Not only Daphne’s costume, but also Simon’s detailed costume is a must-see. To be continued to episode 2.



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