Sam Heughan (Jamie in Outlanter) will publish his biography books in 2022 


Sam Heughan, who is famous of Jamie in popular drama series Outlander, is now preparing for publishment of book about his own biography. Recently, some of his activities are updated by Twitter and Instagram. Besides Outlander, what kind of activities does he take?


Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan is a Scottish actor, who was born in 1980. In his 10’s, he spent his life in Glasgow in Scotland and learn acting. Then, he moved to London and show on TV drama and stage. After that, he became famous as Jamie Fraser in the Starz drama series Outlander. Now, he is one of the popular actors in all over the world.

In Outlander, he speaks strong Scottish accent. However, he usually speak clear beautiful English since he’s lived in London and Los Angeles. The background of why he won the audition to select Jamie Fraser was that he was expected to act the character in the best.

Biography book of Sam Heughan

Recently, Sam Heughan announced that he is now working on creating his own biography, named  Waypoints. According to Voracious, Sam Heughan travels West Highland Way and try to find himself. The contents sometimes are updated on his Twitter and Instagram.

His biography ‘Waypoints’ will be published in the US and UK on October 25th in 2022.

Other activities  -books and fitness program-

Sam Heughan collaborated with Graham McTavish, who acted as Dougal MacKenzie on Outlander, and published Clanlands Almanac and Clanlands: Whisky, Warfare, and a Scottish Adventure.  The books reached the No.1 spot on the New York Times’ Best Seller Lists for hardcover nonfiction and for combined print and e-books nonfiction

As you know, UK consist of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island. However, Scotland is originally different country from England. They have their own language, culture and race. By acting Jaime Fraser in Outlander with such a long-term conflict and  historical complexity, Sam Heughan probably would like to show Scottish culture and tradition to us.    

【Reference】 Outlander Actor Sam Heughan Is Writing a Memoir

Sam Heughan established his fitness program. Here is official website.

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  • Sam Heughan’s biography will be described how he felt and thought by travelling his home country Scotland. It’ll be published in October 2022.

It’s said that Sam Heughan was suffering from Defamation and stalker action by one part of his fan. It damaged him and he may need some refresh.  Hope he’ll release his heart, face himself, and find some for his life. It’s great to know how wonderful Scotland is. Some people may look forward to local translation in his biography books.

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