Keanu Reeves―His personality and life history―


Keanu Reeves is a world-famous Hollywood star and is also known as a “super nice person”. His gentlemanly attitude toward women, his personality and life have a great influence on many people, from children to the elderly, from the rich to the common people. This time, I would like to take a look at the personality and life history of Keanu Reeves.


Life history ―Early life―

Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor born in Lebanon in 1964. He became an international star after his breakout roles in the series “Speed” and “The Matrix”. Recently, the “John Wick” series has become popular.

His father is an American geologist from Hawaii and his mother is a British dancer. His parents divorced when Keanu Reeves was a child. He was taken over by his mother, his mother repeatedly remarried and divorced, moving around Australia, New York, etc., and finally to Canada. As a child, he was raised primarily by her grandmother. When he was in high school, he was good at ice hockey and aimed to be Olympic player in Canada. However, due to an injury, he moved from ice hockey to becoming an actor.

In the past, there were reports that he was homosexual, and he didn’t deny it or comment. Therefore, it was considered to be true. In reality, Keanu Reeves refrained to comment to protect them (because if he denied, someone may be damaged).  There are many such anecdotes. His kind personality has become widely known to the world.

Personality and life story

There are many anecdotes about Keanu Reeves, who is famous as a “good person”.

Respect for women

We often see Western men holding women’s waists when posing for photos with them, but Keanu Reeves does not. It has become a hot topic on Twitter that he doesn’t touch lady’s body directly and he just poses to touch. Keanu Reeves is a gentleman and courtesy towards women. It shows his personality.

Spending money for other people rather than yourself

Keanu Reeves runs his own charity. He also donate a lot of money to children’s hospitals and cancer research by anonymity. “I don’t put my name on the foundation and let it do what it needs to do,” Keanu said. In addition, many of the rewards for the “Matrix” trilogy were given to staff members such as the costume team. 12 member of the stunt team were presented with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. You can see his life, spending his own money to others.

Giving chance to young people

In contracts about the films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, drastic cost cut for performance fees was taken due to budget increase for the costumes and special effects. As a result, the young actors could not be appeared. At that time, Keanu Reeves cut his own salary and insisted on their appearance. You can see the personality of Keanu Reeves who wants to give chances to talented young people.

He likes being alone

Many people have seen Keanu Reeves being alone. Lunch alone, birthday acone, and doing something alone. It’s said that a figure (Sad Keanu) was released in the past. He is not lonely, but seems to love alone sometimes.

Keanu Reeves treats with everyone equally

In July 2022, when Keanu Reeves returned to the United States after enjoying the F1 British GP held in England, a young boy met Keanu Reeves. The 14-year-old boy realized that he was Keanu Reeves when he boarded the plane, and thought about what to say, what to ask to him. When he was waiting to pick up his luggage after arrival, he made up his mind and talked to Keanu.

In front of the superstar, the young exciting boy developed a series of general questions such as “Why was Keanu in London, what will he do in New York?”. Keanu Reeves answered all the questions slowly without making a disgusting face. When TV producer Andrew Kimmel, who happened to be watching the situation, posted a tweet about the situation at the time, the world praised his new story that shows personality of Keanu Reeves.

If you were famous like Keanu Reeves, you can get private jets, priority pick-up, and more. No matter who the other person is, he treats with people politely. Way of his life is unpretentious even if it is a celebrity.

Reference source: Frontrow Japan


  • Keanu Reeves responds to anyone equally regardless of age or gender, social status, or economic strength.
  • From various story, his sincere personality and unpretentious way of his life inspire others.

Keanu Reeves is known as  sincere personality. In his life history, he overcame difficulties such as unstable condition in his childhood, bereavement of his partner, daughter, best friend at his early life. Through various incidents, he had a lot of things to think about, then led to current his personality and life. Over the past few years, there have been reports of a heart-warming scene with his lover and artist Alexandra. Dear Keanu, I wish he will be happy in rest of his life.



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