【2022】 U2 Bono―from young age to now―


Bono, the vocalist of the world-famous rock band U2. Together with Bono’s passionate singing voice, which entrusts shout of the heart to the song, U2 boasts tremendous popularity for a long time from a wide range of generations, and continues to reign as the king of rock world. What does Bono feel and what is he trying to convey in our society, where global social issues and religion are constant? This time, I would like to take a look at U2 vocalist Bono from his young age to now as of 2022.


Who is U2 Bono ―Biography―

Bono (Paul Hewson) is an Irish musician. He is the vocalist of the world-famous rock band U2. He has won more than 20 Grammy Awards, and continues to reign as the king of the rock world. Since their major label debut in 1979, many of U2’s lyrics have been written by Bono, ranging from social issues such as politics and religion to Bono’s own experiences and those of the members. Bono is a nickname given by a local friend.

Bono is also known as an international philanthropist and has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. He was born to a Catholic father and a Protestant mother in Ireland, which has a history of religious conflicts. His personality, nurtured by the love of his parents, finally led to ideal love and peace spirit beyond race and religion.

In 1982, he married Alison Hewson, whom he had been dating since high school. He has two sons and two daughters with his wife.

Young age

When Bono was young, he was a hot-blooded young man. Bono’s father was a postal worker, his mother an employee in knitwear company. He has an older brother who is seven years older than him. Bono’s country, Ireland, has repeated conflicts over border issues with England and religious issues between Catholics and Protestants.

When Bono was young, he would be targeted and attacked if he stepped outside the house. Although He was originally a strong fight, he looked back on those days as being side by side with death, such as being hit on the head with an iron pipe. He was also good at chess, and his grades in school were pretty good. Bono’s parents took him to Catholic on his father’s side and Protestant on his mother’s side. They wished him to be a great person beyond religion and border.

Bono’s mother died suddenly when he was 14. He faced his grandfather sudden death as well just before mother’s incident. Losing two people at once breaks the heart of the family. A raging Bono, a strict father and brother who closed their hearts. Meanwhile, Bono meets punk rock. Punk rock healed his young blood boil. In 1972, he entered Mount Temple, Dublin’s first non-denominational co-educational school. He met the members of U2 in the school when you were 16.

“I definitely want to be big. Just get a job, get married, and then die. I don’t want to live that kind of life.” He hated his father who was a civil servant. Bono’s father thought, ‘Don’t dream. If you dream, you’ll be disappoint.’ It’s said that Bono’s father was a clumsy traditional person. However, actually he was a warm person who gave Bono time and opportunities to challenge and supported him financially.

U2 debuted in 1979 and released their first album “Boy” the following year. The first song “I Will Follow” is a song dedicated to her mother, and “Boy” is a song about Bono’s feelings when he was young facing death. U2 made a worldwide break with their third album released in 1983. This work gave the world the impression that U2 is not just a band that sings about love, but also a band that sends out messages about political and social issues.

U2 continues to hit after this. With worldwide recognition, world tours, and large-scale charity campaigns, they have become one of the most famous rock bands in the world. It was around this time that his father hugged him and said, “You are very professional.” “Kite” is a song he made for his father who left for heaven in 2001.


Now in 2022

In the fall of 2021, U2 released their new song after Corona pandemic, “Your Song Saved My Life” is the lead song for the soundtrack of the movie “SING 2”. U2’s Bono appears as a voice actor of ‘’Clay Calloway’’ in the movie. By the way, U2 has provided songs for many movie soundtracks so far, and has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Also, on TikTok, all the songs U2 has released so far have been lifted. Now, you can see videos using Bono’s own artwork on U2’s TikTok account.

Bono continues to be active in social activities. On January 30, 2022, the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, U2’s Bono and The Edge are featured on their 1983 album “War”. The unplugged version of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” has been released on the official YouTube channel.

In March 2022, US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, hosts the annual “Friends of Ireland” lunch party at the White House. She read a poem sent by U2’s Bono. The poem is said to have described the current conflict and sorrow in Ukraine, and the thoughts of people seeking freedom. It shows that Bono is still strong influencer in the world.


  • U2’s Bono was a hot-blooded gangster when he was young.
  • When he was a student, he met the members of U2, entrusted his anger, sorrow, and conflicts to his songs, and delivered them to the world.
  • Now as of 2022, his activities have still big impact on society.

There are still many U2 fans who like Bono’s delicate lyrics in addition to his rhythm. How did you overcome the emotions, anger, sadness, frustration, and conflicts when you were young? Perhaps, there were days when you listened to the songs and hummed it with your own emotions? Wish U2 and Bono to be further success.



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